Building a Website and Starting an Online Business!

Learn to Build  a Website and Start an Online Business!

What's The Best Way to Make Money Online?

  • Learning the skills required to start an online business is the best way to make money online. Most people fall for scams because of the need for easy money.
  • There is a proper way to make money online, and this article will guide you how to start a Thriving Online Business.

Hi, I'm Belden, but my friends call me Den. I  created  this website to help people learn how to start an online business and how to avoid online scams.

I have been Scammed Online, and it motivates me to blog about it to  Help People!

Most people are afflicted with what we call as "Shiny Objects Syndrome." Myself included and it took me a lot of time to get rid of that so called "SOD". 

When I started online, I wasted a lot of money and time on those get rich quick scams. I won't blame you if it happened to you, as we are both in the same boat, to make money online.

Let's forget about that make money line first because that is why we got burned in the first place.

If you arrived here because you want to make a lot of money without doing anything, I'd be blunt with you. 

You came to the wrong place.

There are billions of people around the world that uses the internet to have their problems solved. You are one of them that is why you came here to have your problems solved or you need answers to your questions.

Before anything else, let me ask you one thing, are you willing to help people solve their problems?

If your answer is "Why can't we solve my problem first and worry about the others later."  Then again this is not the solution for you. 

If your answer is yes, then read on as I am about to reveal to you how you can solve other people's problem which will solve your problem as well.

What Are We Talking  About Here?

To start an online business, you must have a website. Once you have a that site running, there are so many ways you can attract visitors to  it, and one of them is by blogging.

How can I blog and build a website, when I am not a writer and don't know much about computers?

Well, I was also zero when I started, but because of the right training and community support, I built and I am running this website alone.

Anybody Who is Willing to Learn Can Build a Website.

You will be surprised and amazed once you have your first website up and running. It is your gateway to the whole world. You will also  claim a virtual real estate in cyberspace.

How Can I Blog When I am Not a Writer?

Writing can be learned, and as you can see I am blogging, but I am not a writer at all. It never occurred to me that I will become a blogger.

As a technical guy, I always hate essays and making a report was always a struggle. Then I realized that once you start writing, and keep doing it, you will find that the next article you have to write becomes easier.

It is always the best idea to write about your passion, as there are a lot of individuals out there with the same passion and dying to get information related to that passion.

This passion as a Niche will be the starting point to monetize your website. Sharing what you know about that passion is rewarding.

How Do You Get your Message Across Billions of People Who are Online?

Once you have decided the people's problems that you want to solve, you have to let them know your intentions, and a website is the best medium to do it.

Your ideas will make them trust you, and they will become your followers. This trust will turn your readers into customers.

Solving people's problem should be on top of your list.

Broadcast your intention as loudly as possible so they will hear you!

Let them get your ideas and they will come to you.

The Skills required to Run a Thriving Online Business

  • Building a Website
    WordPress makes it a lot easier to build a website these days.
  • Adding Content to your Website
    Writing can be learned, and it becomes easier as you write.
  • Learning How to Make Your Website Rank in the Search Engines
    Search Engine Optimization is a required skill to be successful in your online business.

Is it  Overwhelming to Learn all of this Skills?

Nope if you have the proper training and the community support to guide you through each step of the way. Helping each other is key to reaching online success.

There is a platform that revolves around helping people solve their problems. It should also be your intention when running an online business.

Help people solve their problems first, and your problem will be solved as well.

How Does It Work?

Affiliate Marketing is, by all means the simplest and one of the most rewarding method to monetize a website. You will write product reviews on products that can solve your visitor's problems. 

Once your website is running and having a decent number of visitors, you can join affiliate programs related to your niche. You will then place affiliate links on your website. 

If your visitor thinks that what you are recommending will solve his or her problem, he or she will click the affiliate link and will be redirected to the merchant website.

Once a sale is made, you will have your commission. This earning is very passive, and you earn even when you are sleeping. Remember the saying,

"Those Who Do Not Make Money While Sleeping Will Die Working."

Affiliate Marketing is not the only way you can monetize your website. You can also sell your own product on your site. You can run ads or offer services as well.

Running an online business is more satisfying than your 9-5 job. You are the boss, and you can do whatever you want on your website.

Isn't it the thing you want? Be your own boss and have a vacation whenever you want? Isn't it cool to help people solve their problems and get rewarded at the same time?

If you think so, then you will love this community I am going to reveal to you.

This Site  is Where I Learn Everything How to Build and Run a Thriving Online Business!

Wealthy Affiliate

It is the best place to learn how to start an online business. It has a community of over a million online entrepreneurs willing to help each other.

Wealthy Affiliate offers training from website building to almost any topic related to online business. The training program is the best you can find online, and it is always updated.

Wealthy Affiliate

Why is Wealthy Affiliate So Popular?

  • 1
    The successful members: There are a lot of successful members of Wealthy Affiliate. 
  • 2
    The training and the community cannot be found elsewhere: Wealthy Affiliate provides top-notch training while experienced community members add supplementary training as well.
  • 3
    The Affiliate Program: Earning a full-time income is achievable if you choose to promote Wealthy   Affiliate. This program is optional, unlike other platforms which are centered on promoting their product.

Some of the Successful Members in Wealthy Affiliate!

“$40,000 in One Weekend"

To learn more about Dom's Success story please click on the image.

Dom's Success Story

“Amazon Bought Me a Volvo."

To learn more about Jay's Success Story please click on the image.

Jay's Success Story

Does Wealthy Affiliate Offers Free Starter  Membership?

Wealthy Affiliate offers free starter membership so you can test the waters out and see for yourself if it is for you. You do not even need a credit card to join. 

You will also have one free websites so you can start building your online business.

More Success Stories in Wealthy Affiliate!

“Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018: $4K Per Month Results!”

To learn more about Eric's Success Story please click on the image.

Eric's Success Story

“$14,000 in 3 Months "

To learn more about  Saco's Success story please click on the image.

Saco's Success Story

“You Made Vegas-2016"

To learn more about Frank's Success Story please click on the image.

Afflicoach's Success Story
Kyle Loudoun
Kyle Loudoun

Marketing Chief Co-founder

About Kyle

"You cannot make people love a service, you have to create a service that people love."

This is his approach to marketing and he has a true passion for helping people. He is the creator of the majority of the training in the platform.

Carson Lim
Carson Lim

Design Chief Co-founder

About Carson

Effective design is the focused process of being able to take away and simplify, not the process of adding more.”

His approach to design simplicity makes the this platform unmatched online. He is the co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate.

 My Wealthy Affiliate Profile

Belden's Profile- Wealthy Affiliate

Update January 21, 2018

Wealthy Affiliate Ended my Career in Aviation!

Yes, I am now a full time online affiliate marketer and as well as I am running an offline business which is a wedding venue rental business. 

My training at Wealthy Affiliate shook the employee mindset out of me and it is the major factor that I sealed my decision in leaving my high paying job in aviation.

I am now earning full time income and would never look back to being an employee again.

Wealthy Affiliate Ended My Career in Aviation!

The Training and Community Support.

The training in Wealthy Affiliate is unparalleled online, and it has a community of over 1.2 million online entrepreneurs willing to help each other.

The Training Includes

Lessons-Wealthy Affiliate

This is what you will have to do

Wealthy Affiliate Overview- Wealthy Affiliate

Your target interest for your website could be your passion, or anything that is centered around helping people. Then you will build your website. 

The next step is to gain visitors and once you have a good amount of visitors to your website money could be earned through sales or affiliate commissions.

Problems and Solutions

You came here with a problem, so let's see if we have a solution. As mentioned earlier,  solving your website visitor's  problem first will gain their trust. I do hope that at this point I have already gained your trust.

Your Problem

  • You have been scammed like me, and you want something that works this time.
  • You know nothing about building websites.
  • You are not a writer so you think you cannot run a blog.
  • You do not have experience in sales or marketing.
  • You have no money to invest in running a business.

The Solution

  • Try WA for free and see if it is for you. You do not even need a credit card information.
  • We are in the same boat as I also started like you but I learn.
  • I am not either, but I am blogging. Writing can be learned.
  • They will do the sales work, and you just have to send the customers to them.
  •  Anybody with a small amount of money can start an online business, whereas you need thousands of dollars to run an offline business.

The Affiliate Program

Wealthy Affiliate has the best affiliate program online. Most of the successful members are utilizing this program. 

This program is not Multi-Level marketing as you will get commissions only on your direct referrals. If you are good at acquiring referrals, this could provide you a full-time income.

There is also an incentive if you get 300 premium referrals in a year. You will be invited to an all expense paid Super Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas. Most of the successful members listed here are Super Affiliates.

To give you the math 300 times $23.50 per month is more than $6000 per month for this affiliate program only.

Everybody has more than one affiliate program to monetize their site.

Affiliate Commission

What are  the Benefits of Joining Wealthy Affiliate?

  • Credit card information are not needed to join.
  • Top-notch training.
  • One free website with free hosting.
  • A community of over 2 million online entrepreneurs willing to help each other.
  • Jaaxy Keyword Tool
  • LiveChat.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it hard to build a website?

Can you start a business online without prior knowledge of online marketing?

What is an affiliate website?

What is an affiliate link?

Why would customers buy through an affiliate website when they can go directly to the merchant website?

P.S.: So now that you have the information that you need to know about this amazing community, I recommend that you join now and start building your online business.

It is free to join without the need of credit cards, so what can you lose? Click the link below to start!